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Travel Skincare Tips From A Celebrity Aesthetician

Travel Skincare Tips From A Celebrity Aesthetician

As if traveling isn’t stressful enough, long flights, poor cabin air quality, and exposure to new climates can create a recipe for stressed out skin. Not ideal for vacation selfies. We enlisted one of LA’s most sought-after aestheticians, Vanessa Hernandez, for her advice on taking care of our skin when we’re on the move – including what not to do, (we’re talking to you, folding tray sleepers). Vanessa’s customized facials are a favorite among her clientele including celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Capshaw (we’re fans, too!), and her treatments range from $150 for a mini ER facial to $375 for a fully customized treatment that also includes a follow up.  Whether you’re headed to the tropics or hitting the slopes, here are her tips to get (and keep) your vacation-glow.


Make sure to have a clean face; cleanse, definitely add serum + moisturizer to your face neck and chest, as well as layer an eye cream around your orbital bone. Being on a plane can be extremely dehydrating for your skin, not to mention the air quality is not the best. Layering on these types of products keeps your skin clean, hydrated and protected all while locking in moisture.


(Jungle, Islands, Tropical Climates, etc)

Keep your skin clean, use spray toners, eye cream and a light serum. When it’s hot and humid out, the heat causes the pores to expand and open up, what ever is on your skin at the time can get trapped, causing congestion and break outs. LESS IS MORE!


(Cold, Snowy, Dry, etc)

Hydrate and RE-hydrate! When you are in cold weather usually you dress in layers, Long sleeves, thermals, sweaters and jackets to keep you warm and keep your body heat in. The skin is very similar, when you are in cold or dry weather it is important to layer on your products! Starting off with a hydrating toner, a serum or an oil, a cream/moisturizer or balm. LAYER IT UP!


(Beach, Lake, etc)

Use a sunscreen on your face neck and chest at least SPF 30 or higher. Make sure to reapply every two hours. Time degrades sunscreen as well as environmental factors for example if it’s hot, you will start to sweat it off, or if you were in and out of water it will lessen the effectiveness of the sunscreen protection.

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