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Travel Experts Weigh In On Top Destinations For 2018

Travel Experts Weigh In On Top Destinations For 2018

While most people this time of year are making a list of resolutions, we’re busy making our bucket list. And if you’re anything like us, it seems we have a lot to look forward to. New boutique hotels, small businesses and avant-garde chefs are creating economies in unexpected places. Experiential offerings and independent tours have made travel possible to previously unchartered territories. And still some long-forgotten destinations have reminded us why they are, in fact, worth remembering. As part of our own list-building research, we consulted with some experienced travelers to weigh in on their top destinations for 2018. From the ski slopes of Japan to the magic of Poland’s Masurian Lake District, these are the top destinations that you may want to consider adding to your bucket list. Bon voyage!

Hokkaido, Japan

The Japanese ski town of Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan

I am most excited to travel to Hokkaido to experience skiing in Japan for the first time. I’m planning to go to Niseko and my friend from Tokyo suggested a great ryokan for me to stay at so I am able to get the full Japanese experience. Skiing is meditative for me – when I’m on the slopes I can completely empty my mind.

-Thomas Isen, (former) Director of Communications and Development at Raden Luggage

Masurian Lake District, Poland

Top Destinations For 2018, Masurian Lake District in Poland
Photo: Tasya Menaker for Godai Escapes

I just got back from Poland’s Masurian Lake District and fell in love with it so deeply. It is the most authentic and purest destination that I have been to. The scenic, untouched nature has a calming energy that puts you into a meditative state and opens you up emotionally. The landscape is so divine that it feels like a fairytale. It is luxury in the form of space and pureness. It’s a promise of discovery. I didn’t want to leave!

Eva Dixon, Founder of Godai Escapes

Bordeaux, France

Image via Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Bordeaux in France is going to be a huge travel destination for 2018 – the historic city center is a world heritage site full of classical architecture, and even better, the region has excellent wine-tasting opportunities, some of the best in the world. Vineyard estate Les Sources de Caudalie even infuses local wine into facials, scrubs, massages and more…that’s where Caudalie’s world-famous, grape-based products started.

Amelia Mularz, Editor of the Mr & Mrs Smith travel blog, WordSmith

Mexico City, Mexico

Penthouse Sunset, Hotel Distrito Capital in Mexico City
Hotel Distrito Capital, Mexico City

I’m really excited about Mexico City too, which has been named the World Design Capital for 2018. The creative energy in CDMX is palpable. During a recent visit I discovered my new favorite fashion designer, Carla Fernández, and my new favorite hotel, The Hippodrome.

-Amelia Mularz, Editor of the Mr & Mrs Smith travel blog, WordSmith

Greek Islands

Mykonos Greece Pool Hotel View
Photography by Steven Taylor

We just found out we are pregnant and wanted a place to travel that was safe from zika. Greece and its islands provide the freedom to relax and unwind when we want to, but also the option to adventure and explore.

Nikki Bostwick, Editor-in-Chief, The Fullest

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania Romania Countryside The Slow Cyclist
Image via The Slow Cyclist

I went to Transylvania this year, and was absolutely blown away by how untouched, rustic and chic it was. It has an incredibly rich and interesting aristocrat history, amazing churches, fabulous food, and incredible autumnal views. We saw brown bears, stayed in dracula-eslue castles and cycled amongst picturesque and colourful Saxon villages. I went with a company called The Slow Cyclist, and couldn’t recommend it enough.

Eliza Bailey, Head of Press Programme, Beyond Luxury Media Ltd

Alentejo, Portugal

São Lourenço do Barrocal in Portugal
São Lourenço do Barrocal

Rustic and rural, new hotel São Lourenço do Barrocal is going to be huge next year. The result of a thoughtful 14 year development project, the estate is authentic, stylish and in the most stunning Alentejo wilderness. Whitewashed, traditional buildings contrast with the stunningly blue Portuguese sky and surrounding olive groves. The farm’s thoroughbred Lusitano horses are equally picture perfect, and can be ridden to nearby medieval walled village Monseraz.

Eliza Bailey, Head of Press Programme, Beyond Luxury Media Ltd

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